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Open House Signs

Tired of dragging your signs around?

Hate preparing for an open house? Are you tired of hauling your signs around town, through the heat or rain, dodging cars, weaving in and out of traffic, scratching and ruining your cars and SUVs, not to mention your clothes? Wouldn't you just like to show up at your open house with only the key in hand knowing that you will never have to put out those signs again?

Open House Signs Pricing
No more storing beat up open house signs in your trunk or garage. We have a stock of signs and keep them in great shape.

Basic Sign Placement, Removal, and Sign Storage$64.95


  • Up to Ten (10) signs placed in neighborhood directing traffic to your scheduled Open House

    • ​Our knowledgeable staff will set up your signs in key high-traffic locations near the open house site to ensure maximum visibility. 

    • After the open house, we will return to your location to retrieve all open house signs, saving you the hassle of the pickup.

  • Confirmation text

    • ​A confirmation photo when placed and reminder email.

  • Door sign on house to display times of Open House

    • ​Open House show hours are displayed at the property to inform any early or later visitors.

Rental signs (generic) available: call for pricing.

Signage will be placed a minimum of one (1) hour* prior to Open House start time and removed no sooner than scheduled end time of Open House (unless other arrangements made prior to Open House).

*Our policy is to strive for one hour before but may be sooner than that depending on orders, scheduling, etc. Please notify your seller signs may be placed up to four hours prior to start of open house. Again, pick up will also be determined on orders, scheduling, etc. so signs may remain for hours past the open house.

Branded signs may be stored complimenta